AK-47 Adjustable Gas Block

DEZ Arms, Inc. new adjustable AK-type gas block to be used on AK47 and variants, Romak 3 - PSL sniper rifles commonly used for military, law enforcement and civilian applications shot in semi-auto and full-auto modes. See SAR New Products Review Sept. '2009. Its regulated gas block is the major improvement over the former block. Once retrofitted on the firearm, adjustments can be dialed in -- off position for single shots to a full gas position for any load available. The gas block reduces recoil by allowing the proper flow of gas to cycle the bolt and carrier without hitting the rear trunion and buffer; thereby reducing damage to receiver rails and rivets in the rear trunion and rails. Bolt carrier racking caused by violent gas pressure slamming against the gas piston and carrier is reduced. Carbon build-up on the piston head and shaft are similarly reduced by directing unused gasses out the muzzle end of the barrel. This unique adjustable gas block enhances bullet velocity by using less gas to cycle the system. Simply mount the adjustable gas block to the barrel with four set screws, adjust the gas flow by turning the regulator -- in to decrease, out to increase the gas. Once the desired adjustment has been dialed in, lock the regulator by tightening the slotted nut. A screw driver, coin, or backside of a bullet can be used to precisely adjust the regulator. The adjustable gas block can quickly and easily be installed: Remove the front sites from the barrel by removing pins. Next remove pins from the old gas block. Then remove the existing block from the barrel. Lastly, install the adjustable gas block on barrel and align the gas port hole with the gas block port. Apply Lock-Tite to the set screw tips and tighten securely allowing time to dry. Material: 4140 chrome moly steel Overall Dimensions: 2.145 in. x 2 in x .945 in. Fits: AK47 & Variant .592 diameter barrels Romak 3/ PSL .610 diameter barrels SSG-97 & SSG200 Sniper Rifles .610 diameter barrels

AK-47 Adjustable Gas Block
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